For foreigners

Postgraduate education

for foreign citizens - graduates of higher educational institutions of Ukraine (CIS, the USSR)

Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in collaboration with the International public organization "International Association of graduates of higher educational institutions of Ukraine" start an educational project "Postgraduate education for graduates of higher educational institutions of the CIS, the USSR." The project is implemented in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and on the basis of the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The project will be implemented in the form of permanent and short-term training courses. Courses focused on the period from 2 to 14 weeks and are designed for the development of a training program of 72 academic hours.

Fees duration of 72 hours is equivalent to $ 290. Payment is made in the national currency of Ukraine.

Participants can be both graduates of the universities of Ukraine (Ukrainian SSR), and graduates of universities of the CIS countries of the former USSR. Training is conducted in Ukrainian, Russian, English.

When preparing the project were taken into account materials of the 7th all-Arab meeting of graduates of the USSR - the international conference "The system of training - role in the process of national associations of graduates and university", held from 5 to 10 April 2011 in Beirut, as well as subsequent consultations with graduates of Ukrainian universities in many countries.

We invite foreign citizens for permanent short-term training courses in areas:


  1. Technical supervision of construction and safe operation of buildings and engineering structures.
  2. Quality, standardization and certification in construction.
  3. Design and construction of buildings and structures, bases and foundations for territories with difficult engineering-geological conditions in earthquake-prone areas.
  4. Design and construction of buildings and structures, bases and foundations for territories with difficult engineering-geological conditions in earthquake-prone areas.
  5. The ultrasonic inspection method of reinforced concrete structures.
  6. Estimated construction.
  7. Legislative and regulatory support of the construction industry.
  8. The introduction of the Eurocodes in the construction industry in Ukraine.
  9. Energy conservation in construction.
  10. Reconstruction of buildings and urban facilities.
  11. Development of tourist recreational facilities.
  12. Construction with local materials.
  13. Affordable housing.

Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management

  1. Land management and cadastre. (72 hours)

  2. The monetary valuation of the land.
    (72 hours)
  3. Space land monitoring.
  4. Geographic information systems.
  5. Engineering and geodetic methods and tools for monitoring the deformations of buildings and constructions. (76 hours)
  6. Engineering and geodetic surveys for construction. (72 hours)

  7. Geodetic support of land surveying and cadastral works.
    (72 hours)


  1. Financial management. (108 hours)
  2. Logistics management. (72 hours)
  3. Crisis management. (72 hours)
  4. Marketing in Construction. (108 hours)
  5. Banking system. (108 hours)
  6. Financial market. (108 hours)
  7. Finance. (72 hours)
  8. Planning and control of the enterprise. (72 hours)
  9. Management of foreign economic activity. (72 hours)
  10. innovation management. (72 hours)
  11. Management of investment and innovation activity. (72 hours)
  12. Modern economic and administrative support of construction investment projects. (72 hours)

At the end of the course students shall be issued a certificate of the state sample of Ukraine and / or certificate of Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture.

What you should do if you decide to go to our courses:

  1. Write an application to the Director
  2. Scan and send to our e-mail copy of the diploma and its annexes on the previous education in Ukraine (Ukrainian SSR), the universities of the former USSR, the CIS.
  3. Scan and send us a copy of the first pages of the national passport with an indication of personal data.
  4. Report your wishes for living in Ukraine.
  5. Report your wishes for the meeting with the graduates of the university you graduated.
  6. Report to the wishes of the cultural program.

Sample application

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