Department of Construction and Architecture

Department of Construction Department is issuing specialty "City building and economy".


Research and teaching staff


Head of Department 

Maxim V. Omelyanenko., Doctor of Engineering, associate professor




Department staff

Byvalina Maria ,Ph.D., associate professor

Barishpol Elena,Senior Lecturer

Vasilyeva Anna,Ph.D., associate professor

Igor Zvarych, teacherr

Klyushnychenko Eugene, Ph.D., professor

Lisnchenko Sergey, Ph.D., associate professor

Vitaly Nyschuk,Ph.D., associate professor

Oseеtrin Mykola , Ph.D., professo

Pleshkanovska Alla,Ph.D., associate professorт

Evgeny Reytsen, Ph.D., associate professor

Senchuk Mikhail, Ph.D., associate professor

Stepanchuk Alexander, Ph.D., associate professor

Usakovskyy Sergey, Ph.D., professor

Tatiana Shilova, Ph.D., associate professor

Disciplines Department::

-         Planning and improvement of cities;

-         Rehabilitation and maintenance areas, buildings and structures;;

-         Urban traffic units and structures

-        Public transport;;

-        Engineering training urban areas;;

-        Engineering training and improvement of urban areas;

-         Engineering structures and the installation of street protection areas;

-         Landscape construction;

-        Urban road crossings at different levels;

-         City streets and roads;

-         Management of the city transport system;

-         Urban management.

Topics theses

  • Designing or reconstruction of urban development;
  • Engineering preparation for development of urban areas;
  • Engineering improvement of urban areas;
  • Transport service of urban areas;
  • Establishment or improvement of transport infrastructure of urban areas;
  • Reconstruction and design of new city streets and roads;
  • Reconstruction design or sections of city streets and roads;
  • Rehabilitation of urban design or engineering facilities;
  • Engineering construction and equipment of city streets and roads;
  • The draft measures on maintenance of city streets and roads, maintenance of urban areas;
  • The reconstruction project, landscaping and engineering protection facilities and green landscape construction.
  • Investigation of characteristics and traffic and pedestrian flows on the road network bridge;
  • Studies of the placement and operation of urban sites;
  • Improved methods of designing various city facilities;
  • Studies comfort conditions of certain urban areas;
  • Research methods of reconstruction of existing buildings;
  • Improved methods of designing protection measures and engineering training areas;
  • Improved methods of designing sections of city streets and roads;
  • Research methods of improving the efficiency of cross-sections of city streets and roads.




Тел.: (044) 244 -96 -63, 275-20-56 room. 321 (department)

st. Education, 4,Kyiv