History of institute

The activity in the field of educational institute began in 1993. It was then at the Kiev State Technical University of Construction and Architecture opened Faculty training and retraining of specialists. In 2005, the Faculty was established Institute of Continuing Education, the Director appointed Ph.D., Professor Peter Yenin Matveye.

Since early 2013 Postgraduate Institute is headed by PhD, Associate Professor Alla G. Zharinova.

Since 2015 the Institute is headed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor George S. Finin.

Since 2015 IPO KNUCA was renamed the Institute of innovative education KNUCA.

The Institute is a leading educational institution in the system of postgraduate education Ukraine steel profile. The main activities are training, retraining and advanced training of specialists for the purpose of acquisition of a higher education level, new skills, new specialty based on previously obtained. Training is carried out by educational level "Bachelor" level "specialist".

Education - full, part-time, distance.

Training is conducted in the areas of:

Construction - specialty: "Heat and ventilation", "Urban construction and economy", "Urban construction and economy" (specialization "Health in Construction"), "Industrial and Civil Engineering", "Water and Wastewater";

Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management - specialty "Land Management and Cadastre", "Space monitoring of the Earth", "Assessment of land and real estate," "surveying", "Geoinformation systems and technologies";

Management - specialty: "Management and administration (by economic activity)" (including specialization "manager-economist", "construction manager-economist" and "Manager (manager) house (group homes)").

Economics and Business - specialty "Business Economics".

Computer Engineering - specialty "Computer engineering".

Graduates who have basic and higher education, can get these areas of training second degree. Also, students who have completed the second year KNUCA or other institutions of technical character, are able to obtain a parallel second degree aforementioned specialties.

Institute of innovative education as a leading institution for training of the construction industry, conducts permanent training and preparation of specialists for certification.

Courses provide more than 300 experienced professors, associate professors producing departments of the Institute and the basic university departments, leading specialists of the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine, Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine and design organizations.

Among the teachers - 98% have academic degrees and titles, including 27% - of a doctorate and professor; 62 persons are full members and associate members of the state and branch academies; More than 30 people have honorary title of Honored Worker of Science and Technology; 12 people are distinguished educators and winners of state awards.

During its existence, the Institute greatly improved the learning process, expanded list of specialties created basic training documentation.

To improve the quality of training and retraining of students and avoid duplication of subjects introduced new integrated training planyza European standards, which are based on direct education degree system.

An important aspect of the Institute is to attract students to scientific work, get acquainted with the tools of modern research in areas of institution.

Much attention is paid to expanding and improving the quality of cooperation with sister universities of Ukraine and Europe.

Over 90% of graduates of the Institute are the relevant specialty in the construction industry, so getting the knowledge and practical skills of specialists used directly in its activities.