Department of Civil Engineering

The graduating department on specialties "Heat and Vent" and "Water and sanitation" is the Department of Civil Engineering, established in 1993 at the Faculty training and retraining of specialists of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, which was renamed and the Institute of Continuing Education in accordance with the order Education of Ukraine № 71 from 02.02.05r.

Research and teaching staff



Head of Department 

Zinych Peter Lukynovych, Ph.D., associate professor




Department staff

Valery Bulgakov, Ph.D., associate professor

Vladimir Dovganyuk, Ph.D., professor

Pavel Glamazdin, associate professor

Rybachov Sergey, teacher, scientific secretary

Tugay Yaroslav , Ph.D., associate professor

Shvachko Natalia, Ph.D., associate professo

Educational Activities Department

The department trains bachelors in specialty 192 Building and Civil Engineering with specialization "Heat and Vent" and "Water and sanitation" and experts in the field: 7.06010107 "Heat and ventilation" 7.06010108 "Water and sanitation".

The content of the educational training of specialists of "Bachelor" and level "specialist" with specializations and professions defined training programs as part of the state standard of education, which reflects the objectives of education and training,  the place of skill in the structure of the economy and state requirements  its competence and other socially important properties and qualities.

The main subjects taught at the Department

-                     Specialization and specialty "Heat and ventilation»:

 Admission to the construction business; Construction technology; Construction management; Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer; Heat and Mass Transfer; Aerodynamics ventilation; Building thermal physics; Hydraulic and aerodynamic machines; Heating; Ventilation; Clean vent emissions; Air conditioning; Heat-generating unit; Heating; Gas; Automation and control systems THPiV; Equipment for ventilation and air conditioning; Ventilation and air conditioning industrial buildings; Environmental monitoring and engineering methods of protection of the biosphere; Operating systems THPiV; Computer Science in calculations engineering systems THPiV; Heating industrial facilities; Systems forming microclimate of structures for various purposes; Computer technology design  THPiV; Energy efficient buildings and structures; Gas industry; systems  pneumatic and aspiration; Adjustment and certification of heating, ventilation and air conditioning; Boiler units of low and medium power; The use of alternative and renewable heat systems for THPiV; Radiation cooling and heating.

-                     Specialization and specialty "Water supply and sanitation":

Admission to the construction business; Construction technology; Construction management; Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer; Technical Mechanics of fluid and gas; Hydraulic Engineering; Hydrology and HYDROMETRY; City engineering networks; Sanitary and technical equipment of buildings; Water supply; Sewerage; Pump and blower station; Special issues hydraulics of water and wastewater; Construction Economy of explosives; Environmental monitoring and engineering methods of protection of the biosphere; Conservation and sustainable use of water resources; Chemistry and microbiology of water; The theoretical basis of technology of natural water and sewage; Enerhoresursozberezhennya  of explosives; Installation of explosives; Drilling business; Water industry; Sewage industry; Exploitation of explosives; Automation of explosives; Process control of water treatment facilities; Estimating on water supply and wastewater treatment; Establishing systems of BB.

Methodical work department

All the disciplines taught at the department, by educational level"bachelor" and "specialist", diploma design provided scientific, educational, regulatory and reference books. The department created an electronic library. Lecturer alone and in community with teachers and other universities KNUCA issued teaching development:


  • V.O.Orlov, Ya.A.Tuhay, A.M.Orlova. Water and wastewater
  • V.S.Kravchenko, L.A.Sabliy, P.L.Zinych. Sanitary and technical equipment of buildings

Study Materials

  • P.L.Zinych. Ventilation public buildings
  • M.V.Stepanov, Yu.K.Roskovshenko, P.L.Zinych. Heat and ventilation
  • A.M.Tuhay, A.Ya.Tuhay. Sewerage. Sources intakes
  • P.M.Yenin, N.A.Shvachko. Heating
  • O.P.Lyubarets, O.M.Zaytsev, V.O.Lyubarets. Design of water heating
  • A.M.Tuhay, V.O.Ternovtsev, A.Ya.Tuhay. Calculation and design of water supply facilities.

Research work of the department

Main research areas of the department

  • The use of alternative and renewable energy sources;
  • development and improvement of existing engineering systems forming the microclimate in the premises;
  • development and improvement of innovative educational process. Introduction of modern forms of distance learning;
  • enerhoresursozberezhennya in municipal and industrial heating technology;
  • optimization of heat and gas.

Research work of the department is closely connected with other related departments KNUCA. The research results are published in international, national and university conferences, regional scientific-methodical seminars, in books and scientific articles, scientific and technical collections.

Topics of research faculty members coincides with the direction of specialists for the economy of Ukraine.

At present the research work of the department envisages improvement of curricula and teaching complex subjects, creating electronic textbooks and lectures, introducing in the educational process information and multimedia technologies, training of teaching methods.



Tel .: (044) 244 -96 -63, 275-20-56, 245-48-39 room. 231 (Department)

IINO KNUCA Str. Education, 4, Kyiv