Training of bachelors, specialists and masters

To study invited persons have mayutyaki
testing certificate, diploma Junior Specialist, Bachelor and Master.

Industry knowledge "Architecture and Construction"


- "Architecture and Urban Planning"
  • «Architecture of buildings and structures ";
- "Building and civil engineering"
  • "Heat and ventilation";
  • "Urban construction and economy";
  • "Municipal Construction and (Safety in construction)";
  • "Industrial and Civil Construction";
  • "Water and sanitation".
- "Surveying and Land Management"
  • "Land Management and Cadastre";

Branch of knowledge  "Management and administration"


- "Management"
- "Public Management and Administration"
- "Business, trade and exchange activity"


Branch of knowledge  "INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY"


- "Computer Engineering"

Branch of knowledge  "Social and behavioral science '


- "Economy"

Acceptance of applications and documents for entry into the study carried out

from 10.03.2016 on 16.03.2016

from 25.07.2016 on 16.08.2016

на full-time education carried

from 11.07.2016 on 27.07.2016

Professional entrance tests conducted in March and August, according to the approved schedule.

At the time of the test-examinations students of the institute campus.


List of documents for admission to training

  • The document state of previously acquired level of higher education on the basis of which the entry (graduate degree) and annex;
  • A copy of the document proving identity and citizenship;
  • A copy of the identification code;
  • 6 color photos 3x4 cm;
  • A copy of the work book (if available).

We are waiting for you at: Kyiv, Osviti street, 4 (room 125) IINO KNUCA.

Additional information by phone: (044) 244 96 63; (044) 275 50 56, fax (044) 245-48-56